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King Taekwondo School teaches Korean Traditional Martial Arts.

Taekwondo is an Olympic Sport. In our school, we train students' Mind & Body.

From basic kicking (Bal-Cha-Ki) to very fancy Demo kicking, various of Forms (Poom-Sae), self-defense techniques (one-step-sparring) & weapon classes are our studio's specialties. We teach our students how to focus, follow directions & self-controls. We also help students' releasing their stresses & getting fitted at the same time.

To achieve a Black Belt takes about 2 years if a student comes to practice 3 times in a week. To wear 1st Degree Black Belt is not our students' final goals.

With 1st Degree Black Belt, our students will be experiencing the ultimate level of Taekwondo. In our school, we have Grandmaster Jo who holds a 9th Degree Black belt & has a PH D in Taekwondo. He taught champions in the university in Korea & also in UCLA.

We separate classes by ages & levels. Our studio's instructor to student ratio is the best in town. We offer classes on Sat., too.

Class fees & Testing fees are very affordable. Please come in & talk to Ms. Tall. She'll fit you in the most desirable & exciting program.

11167 Tampa Ave. Porter Ranch, CA 91326