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About Grandmaster K:

_ Award “the best Instructor” from the president of WTF (World                Taekwondo Federation)

_ Many winning trophies from various TKD competitions

_ Award “the best cadet” from the President of Central Police Academy

_ Being the Chief committee of Taekwondo association in Bu-Pyung,        Incheon

_ Being the chief TKD instructor of the police station in Ki-Dong-Joog-         Dae II, Incheon

_ Head coach in Hyundai & Samsung Factory in Mexico

_ Head coach at San Diego Taekwondo Center

_ Head coach at Oceanside USA Taekwondo Center

_ Head coach in Beverly Hills MMA Center…teaching many Hollywood celebrities

_ Master in Valencia Taekwondo Center

_ Kukkiwon certified Master in 1995

_ Kukkiwon certified referee

_ 7th Degree Black belt Master/TKD, HKD & JUDO


 World Tae Kwon Do Federation

Certified Masters


Master Jonathan Tall                  Master Chuck Han                         Master Sarah Tall


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