Strive For Excellence

We train MIND & BODY!!!

There are many accidents & crises happening daily throughout our communities. We highly encourage parents & children to take Tae Kwon Do or other self-defense martial arts to achieve strength, confidence and healthy life styles.  Not only will your training prepare you to react naturally in dangerous situations, you will also gain a peace of mind and body that will lead you to success and happiness in all other aspects of your life.

Now is the perfect time to join King Tae Kwon Do School, the finest martial arts school in Porter Ranch and the surrounding area.

King Tae Kwon Do School:

– Friendly & family environment

– Systemic & detailed curriculums

– All WTF certified Grandmaster & Masters

– Daily recreational programs for young age children

– Very roomy (the biggest space in town) & finest & comfortable training space

– Gymnastics & Self-defense classes in weekly

– Adjacent to KUMON LEARNING…conveniently do Academic & physical lessons

We provide our excellence to the community proudly!!!

Next Steps…

Come in to the studio to meet the Grand Master, Our Instructors and  Try a Class.